About us

  • Viola Argenti Masters of Silver since 1974, in Milan




    Viola Argenti is synonymous with artisan philosophy that is able to blend tradition and innovation, on going. The art of their master silversmiths and market trends are combined in the search for a more modern product and the current that preserves elegance, quality, refinement and value of the classical style.



    Viola Argenti in the last 40 years has been a reference in the market for its expertise of craftsmanship, the choice of high quality materials, for finding a more distinctive design and its ability to offer tailor-made solutions: these are the advantages that our customers recognize us.

    Our focus is to meet the demands of those who maintain the durability of passion for the silver, and as a personal pleasure in everyday use or as a present, or to seal the memory of an important date or an anniversary. We like to pamper our guests / newlyweds for example, giving expert advice in choosing their wedding favors, that we create and realize, listening to their wishes and using colors, fabrics and materials declined in the style of the ceremony, and entering auspicious symbols

    We forge with heart and taste to realize your dreams in silver!